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<alizarin> I wonder what month is month 69
<alizarin> For me I think that would be July 2000
<alizarin> I haven't been away from home for any notable period of time since March, 69 nice jokes are the one thing still binding my psyche together
<@Kalium> some??? people make 69 nice jokes??? to cope????
<alizarin> Kalium: bingo
<alizarin> You would think the dexamphetamine, bicalutamide, and estradiol valerate would be handling that, but no
<bassgoon> ok I have one more thing to say about US politics for the day and then I'm done:
<bassgoon> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
< Iykury> :q
< Iykury> wait shit
< Iykury> that's not how you quit tmux
< taixzo> #xkcd Is Not Vim
<tonyb486> spent 10 minutes looking for a document in my house
<tonyb486> and it turns out it was in my filing cabinet, in a folder, filled with other related documents, properly labeled, etc.
<tonyb486> honestly the last place I expect to find something
<@tonyb486> poop
<@tonyb486> oop
<@tonyb486> op
<@tonyb486> p
<@tonyb486> po
<@tonyb486> poo
<@tonyb486> poop
<@tonyb486> poo
<@tonyb486> po
<@tonyb486> p
<@tonyb486> op
<@tonyb486> oop
<@tonyb486> poop
<@tonyb486> thank you all for coming to my ted talk
<@Kalium> hmm, drag force is ½ density * relative velocity² * the drag coefficient of your cube (easy to fine) * area of the face
<@Kalium> < according to the Drag Equation
<@Kalium> not to be confused with The Drag Equation, a show where I find and destroy Ru Paul to restore balance to the universe
<BytesAndCoffee> if it bites you and you die, its venomous. if you bite it and you die, its poisonous
<BytesAndCoffee> if you bite it and it dies, that means you're venomous
<IceKarma> oracle989, I have/had patellofemoral arthralgia in both knees -- I killed my left knee through *over*use, and my right knee through *under*use
<taixzo> were you, like, hopping on one leg or something?
<soobnauce> do you know that joke about the pianist?
<Bucket> No, but if you hum a few bars I can fake it
<soobnauce> yes, that one
<@airtank> i wonder if jersey mike's is open on sunday
<@Kalium> airtank: that is the most American possible restaurant name
<Skyblaze> Alright: Suggested rules for a Muppet Treasure Island drinking game?
<Skyblaze> All I have so far, is drink when Tim Curry does a hearty laugh
<Skyblaze> And chug during Cabin Fever to your heart's content
<JoAnneThrax> How about, whenever a muppet appears, you do a line of cocaine.
<JoAnneThrax> ?
<@Charlie> i don't even need context for this. that's the best suggestion i've read all day
<Vulpes> what you really want to use is reverse RPN
<BytesAndCoffee> nah, reverse infix is where its at
<Vulpes> ...on both sides?
<Kalium> outfix notation
<Kalium> oops! all brackets!
<soobnauce> love it when I run out of cheese at exactly the same time I run out of crackers
<soobnauce> it's like a message from god himself saying good job, you did it
<Bucket> xkcd forums is
<Charlie> not anymore
<Bucket> At least not since the accident.
<\documentclass[48pt]{troll}> You can set your nicks to full LaTeX directives!
<Bucket> Randall Munroe is an anagram of unreal lord-man
<tonyb486> Mandall Runroe
<Bucket> Mandall Runroe is an axcellent ertist
<XanT> Mandall Runroe draws extremely detailed 3D art, but their comics arnt amusing.
<tonyb486> photorealistic faces
<XanT> Mandall Runroe once drew a comic about a ferret that could dig deep in to the ground and in a surprise appearance saved a boy who was otherwise going to float away on a balloon.
<XanT> Mandall Runroe believes the blue spiders are leaving ¬.¬
<soobnauce> one of my fears when composing electronic music is that I'm going to write a drum fill so soulful that I'm going to run out of toms
<soobnauce> that the solo is just going to Run out of toms
* Cortana tries to decide what game to play
<tbo> tretis
<asarkar> Is that a game I haven't heard of, or a catastrophic typo?
<tbo> tetris
<+jcx> Yeah, I highly recommend playing the original fallouts as an idiot.
<Xenos> jcx: I play *all* my games as an idiot
<Bucket> Spork is engaged to DHeadshot.
<DHeadshot> WTF bucket?!
<Bucket> wtf yourself DHeadshot!
<DHeadshot> Who added that?!
<Bucket> I did.
<DHeadshot> I don't think Spork was still around when I joined even!
<XanT> If a star can fit in the space the diameter of a small city, then you should be able to fit a KFC restaurant in to an envelope.
< Aris> every bit's a bit
< Cortana> and every eight bits are a byte
< Aris> Cortana: and four bits are a nibble
< Cortana> and NIBBLE.BAS is a game
@Kalium: maturity is knowing you were a dipshit in the past, wisdom is knowing you will be a dipshit in the future, and common sense is doing your best not to be a dipshit now
LittleBit: @Kalium: that should be called the Existential Prayer
<Ferris> not mine
<@Kalium> that's a lot of pitchers
<@Kalium> or are those lillies
<Ferris> pitchers
<@Kalium> and you know what they say
<@Kalium> pitcher's worth a thousand words
<Ferris> mmhm
<Ferris> *so many words*
* tonyb486 puts a pitcher of words in bucket
* Bucket drops visine and takes a pitcher of words.
<thana> oh thats good
<thana> I thought bucket was dropping visine into the pitcher of words
<thana> that'll make someone word vomit
<@Kalium> I tried dropping visine one time and it just made me ill
<@Kalium> stick to acid
<Xenos> Never underestimate the bandwidth of a starship full of crystal data storage hurtling down the hyperlanes
<@Kalium> hmm, "radio transmissions can't go through hyperspace but ships full of data can" is certainly a good framing for a sci-fi adventure
<@Kalium> that's basically the opposite of Ender's Game
<Agafnd> it's like the opposite of an ansible
* Agafnd hifives Kalium
* Kalium hi-five's Agafnd
<@Kalium> god DAMMIT
<Agafnd> :D
<Xenos> tonyb486: Hide this!
* Bucket stuffs a judges wig down tonyb486's pants and whistles innocently.
Xenos waits for tonyb486 to pull out his penis at the next trial and declare "This is the judge now!"
<tonyb486> Nah, can't use that move more than twice
<XanT> Hmm, trying to think of what I can use my pigscuit barrel for. I dont have enough biscuits to necessitate a barrel, and Im not sure what else to do with it.
<XanT> Maybe sweets, though I tend to eat them very rapidly.
<XanT> The problem is, its entirely opaque. If I could see what was in it itd probably be much more useful.
<XanT> Socks! I could use it for socks. I dont care what socks I grab.
<tbo> XanT: what are you talking about?
<Bucket> salted biscuits, of course
<Xenos> flicky: Hide this!
* Bucket stuffs a fleshlight down flicky's pants and whistles innocently.
<flicky> O_O
* Xenos blinks
<Bucket> Is anyone else turned on?
<Telo> Please can somebody explain SpaceMacs
<Telo> It's like they took Vim and Emacs and decided to make them both harder
<BytesAndCoffee> Telo: sounds like the only way to get people from both sides to cooperate
<BytesAndCoffee> or a way to start an actual thermonuclear war between the two factions
<BytesAndCoffee> one or the other
<Telo> BytesAndCoffee: That's apparently their idea, but it just makes everything WORSE
<BytesAndCoffee> Telo: the former? or the latter
<Telo> BytesAndCoffee: Both
<@alice> okay so, take cinnamon toast crunch and instead of milk use chocolate pudding.
<nobody> i want to subscribe to your newsletter please
<DukeCeph> also, oh, I suppose if the week is the sandwich, the weekend would be (for BytesAndCoffee) the _weekbread_
<BytesAndCoffee> DukeCeph: well, who doesn't like getting high on the weekend? if not absolutely /toasted/
<DukeCeph> BytesAndCoffee... your pun is doing more to convince me about the weekbread model than any logical argument ever could
<multi> so the problem there is that timemachine triggers the search/replace or recall actions based on a regex match on each message sent to the channel
<CO2> ah
<multi> yeeup
<multi> real fun stuff like /^[sS]\/((?:\\.|[^\/\\])*)//((?:\\\/|[^\/])*)(?:\/([^\s~]*)((?:~[0-9]+)?))?/
<CO2> oh god my eyes
<CO2> also regexr errors on the //
<multi> oh right
<multi> that was a typo
<multi> give me a moment
<multi> s/\/\/\\\//
<multi> shit
<multi> s/\/\/\//
<multi> s/\/\//\//
<timemachine> <multi*> real fun stuff like /^[sS]\/((?:\\.|[^\/\\])*)/((?:\\\/|[^\/])*)(?:\/([^\s~]*)((?:~[0-9]+)?))?/
<multi> hahahaaha
<multi> s/\/\//\\\//
<timemachine> <multi*> real fun stuff like /^[sS]\/((?:\\.|[^\/\\])*)\/((?:\\\/|[^\/])*)(?:\/([^\s~]*)((?:~[0-9]+)?))?/
<hooloo> Oh great, Krakatoa's erupting again.
<IceKarma> hooloo, ...
<Bucket> [The screams of the dying fill the fetid air.]
<@Kalium> it'd be fun to have a shared SQL database of factoids you and your friends can all populate
<adalovecraft> It would
<Bucket> No it wouldn't.
--> Goku77 ( has joined #xkcd-coding
<Goku77> ciao
<Goku77> !list
<Goku77> ciao
<Goku77> !lista
<Goku77> lista grazie
<@rift> hi Goku77
<-- Goku77 ( has quit (Quit: Goku77)
<@rift> bye Goku77
<@CO2> ...this again
<@CO2> we get these italian folks once every couple months or so
<@CO2> they seem to think this is a 1990s IRC network with a filesharing bot
<@CO2> and you know
<@CO2> if you ask nicely enough Isaac might be willing to loan you his nail file for a bit
<@CO2> but other than that no filesharing is happening here
<Bucket> 1d5 is 3
* Cortana rolls Bucket
<Bucket> Cortana got: blue-footed boobies.
<Cortana> ^_^
* multi rolls dice
* dice gets dizzy
* Cortana rolls multi
<multi> wuah!
<cnf> btw, do your printers turn off the hotend fan when the temps are low?
<cnf> or do all the non-prusas do the creslity thing where that fan is on when it is on power?
<rift> what is a prusa and what is a creslity
<rift> what is a hotend fan
<rift> I have so many questions
<Agafnd> my elbows are distrustful heretofore
<Agafnd> unless a crazy bucket makes them stop
<Agafnd> that rarely ever happens i am sure
<Agafnd> if one did make a film then it would flop
<Agafnd> four fourteenths of a sonnet i just wrote.
<Agafnd> until my wordy hands ran out of steam
<Agafnd> a caucus is a lousy way to vote
<Agafnd> at least that's how the cornland one does seem
<Agafnd> perhaps a water glass would help me think
<Agafnd> extemporizing verse is no big joke
<Agafnd> even if the themes might make you blink
<Agafnd> and cooking beans requires an o'ernight soak
<Agafnd> i don't know what the point of all that was.
<Agafnd> i hope it wasn't just insectoid buzz.
* JoeyLemur finally gets around to reading today's comic, is glad he just names his car with roman numerals. Currently on LemurMobile VIII
<Cortana> I haven't read xkcd in years now probably
<nobody> there's an xkcd comic?
<Jax184> Bucket: are you a furry? <reply> Let's just say you can't spell "Horsemen" without "Semen."
<Bucket> Okay, Jax184.
<Jax184> well, yeah
<multi> bbiab, going to see star wars
<+tonyb486> spaceeee battlees
<+tonyb486> sky conflict
<+tonyb486> faraway kerfuffle
<Charlie> hopeless situation parliament and presbyterian church
<taixzo> ice is strong in compression, wood fibers are strong in tension
<IceKarma> taixzo, I’d like to think I’m strong in both cases
<taixzo> :P
<Kalium> the ice is strong in compression and the sneps are strong in tension
<Lisimba> IceKarma: don't you always mention how you're not actually ice? :-P
<IceKarma> Lisimba, yes, but I enjoy making those jokes anyway
<Lisimba> fair
<emad> 07:21 < permagreen> If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would be connecting semi-random events together with a haphazard narrative that likely contains racist undertones somehow
<emad> this sounds a lot like a cop too!
<rift> I
<rift> dutch
<rift> just
<rift> dutch
<rift> someone's gonna say something in dutch to me irl and I'm going to nod and laugh before realizing I don't understand a damn thing they said
<Lisimba> rift: that's how we do it too so I don't foresee any problems there.
<@Stereo> it's funny how there are 2 nearly unrelated foods named pretzels, the only commonality is the shape being pretzel
<rift> Stereo: made of wheat
<@Stereo> it's like if 'sandwich' didn't mean anything
<@Stereo> except XYX
<rift> sandwich cookie
<rift> sandwich cracker
<rift> ice cream sandwich
<rift> Stereo: Sandwich doesn't mean anything except XYX.
<@Stereo> yeah it does, oreos are not sandwiches
<rift> they call themselves sandwich cookies
<@Stereo> maybe as an adjective
<@Stereo> not a noun
<rift> Unless your argument is that "sandwich is being combined with other words, therefore it doesn't count"
<@Stereo> mostly my argument is "the oreo company is wrong"
<rift> If I say I'm having a "sandwich", I usually mean something similar to a club sandwich
<rift> If you ask me "is x a sandwich", my answer is usually "yes"
<rift> but if you ask me "what is a sandwich", I'm not going to use hot dog or ICS as an example
<arble> does the Buddha have the sandwich-nature?
<rift> so the word doesn't go both ways
<rift> arble: guts on the inside, skin on the outside? he's a ravioli.
<arble> open at both ends though
<arble> so I contend cannelloni
<rift> ...
<+taixzo> is a sandwich a sandwich
<rift> taixzo: I would say yes, but some people would disagree!
<@Stereo> sandwiches and ravioli are both topological spheres, they don't require a void
<@Stereo> buddha does
<@Stereo> so he's at least also something else, maybe also just not a ravioli
<rift> Stereo: counterpoint: bagelwich
<@Stereo> the buddha may be a cronutwich
<jarmstrong> O.o Colleague just zoomed through here on a wheelie chair whilst eating a salad.
<jarmstrong> I wonder wtf that was about.
<multi> jarmstrong: code compiling?
<jarmstrong> multi: He seemed to zoom with purpose.
<multi> jarmstrong: maybe the build failed
<rik> i learned a thing yesterday. This dude, from The Office: ... he wrote a book for little kids.
<SpaceHobo> huh, I don't remember him from the office
<@Kalium> SpaceHobo: American The Office
<SpaceHobo> Kalium: wait what?
<SpaceHobo> they re-made the office for the US?
<@Kalium> SpaceHobo: yes
<SpaceHobo> did they not know we speak English over here?
<IceKarma> lol. unsurprisingly “object-oriented programming” becomes «programmation orientée objet», or POO for short
<taoistextremist> Shit, I'm gonna do all my development in French now guys
* rift energizes CO2
<CO2> why
<rift> wondering what other energy states you have
<CO2> rift: you're doing a bad job and you should pay more attention when using IRC
<CO2> ...sorry that was my supercritical state
* Xenos opens the Love Auction
<Xenos> Do I hear an initial offer?
<Cortana> Xenos: 20
<Xenos> 20. I hear 20 for love
<Xenos> 20 going once
<Xenos> Going twice...
<ArdaXi> 21
<Cortana> 22
<Xenos> I have 22, 22 for love
<Xenos> Going once
<ArdaXi> 25
<Cortana> 30
<Xenos> 30! We have 30 for love!
<nobody> 35
<Cortana> 40
<Xenos> 40 for love going once
<Xenos> Going twice
<Xenos> Love sold to Cortana for 40
<Cortana> \o/