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<Kizul> GUYS: sequel to "Untitled Goose Game"! I totally know what they could call it: "Untitled Goose Game 2: Entitled Goose Game" :D
<Kizul> (Optionally without the second "Game")
<@pikhq> Kizul: Untitled Geese Game.
<Kizul> pikhq: Now featuring competitive co-op multi-player for up to eight players (local) or up to a whopping THIRTY-TWO players (online)!
<Stereo> my concern with letting people co-op canada geese is they would learn morse code to honk instructions to each other
<Stereo> and geese are too lawless to morse
<Stereo> morsiless if you will
<+tonyc486> I hear this tonyb486 spends more than $3000 on McDonald’s cheeseburgers every month
<Xenos> The *ultimate* killer clown
<Oracle989> When are we getting a Waterworld remake?
<Oracle989> And where is my arctic Mad Max?
<Palomides> ice age apocalyses seem unpopular lately for some reason? :P
<IceKarma> Palomides, I’m only 41 >.>
<IceKarma> Lisimba, are you not aware of all the different ways Shakespeare spelled his name throughout his life?
<grawity> more than you could shake a spear at?
<_qrs> Now you've confused me; start at square one: what is a molecule?
<_qrs> :)
<ArdaXi> it's like… a bunch of balls connected with sticks right
<_qrs> Won't the balls deflate if you put a stick in them?
<_qrs> I don't know if the physicists thought this one through
<ArdaXi> they've got special holes in them for the sticks
<_qrs> Are you trying to tell me about the birds and the bees
<Vulpes> like, I know that some authors consider some of their published works to be fanfiction, but
<Agafnd> right, is fiction about (greek|roman|norse|egyption|whatever else) gods fan fiction?
<Charlie> Agafnd: not unless you think those gods are real
<Agafnd> Charlie: then it's real-person fanfic, isn't it? :P
<@Kalium> real deity fanfic
<@Kalium> please be real
<eezo> Bucket: wasspord quotes ~= /love/
<Bucket> <WassPord> it's never a good time to emigrate to Slovenia
<eezo> Bucket: wasspord quotes ~= /love/
<Bucket> <WassPord> Then I go apeshit with a lumber axe, like any proper drunken slovenian would.
<eezo> ...
<Bucket> [The Kool-Aid man bursts through the wall.]
<Charlie> lol
<eezo> Bucket: wasspord quotes ~= /love/
<Charlie> searching for love brings up a lot of slovenia
<Bucket> <WassPord> it's never a good time to emigrate to Slovenia
<eezo> jesus christ on a fucking pogo stick
<Charlie> which means you're officially...looking for love in all the wrong places
<@Kalium> My family tells me that the day before I got my eyesight checked for the first time we went to a circus and sat aaaaall the way at the back.
<@Kalium> Turns out I could not possibly have seen jack shit
<@Kalium> That's why instead of a fear of clowns I have a fear of red and yellow blurs
<+rcombs> …the Starr Report indicates that somebody ate somebody's ass in the oval office
<+rcombs> but doesn't clarify who gave and who received
<sean_> We get giant boxes of bananas at work
<sean_> They are very heavy.
<Salamanca> why do you get bananas
<Salamanca> are they required for your job?
<sean_> Yes, I work at mario kart
<@BairotciV> CO2: I was 12 when time started
<@BairotciV> so no
<@BairotciV> er, when Time started
<@BairotciV> the webcomic, not time itself
* GrumpySod ( has joined
<GrumpySod> next time Randal's around could someone just let him know to bump his count of "People refusing to buy his book because he's advertising it instead of posting comics"
<GrumpySod> cheers, and bye
* GrumpySod has quit (Quit: GrumpySod)
<SpaceHobo> next time GrumpySod's around could someone just let him know that Randall doesn't owe him jack shit
<@Kalium> I've always wanted to be a hexagon
<t0es> Kalium: in flatland?
<@Kalium> t0es: just enough sides to not be broke, not so many sides that I'm dying of asymmetry!
<sean_> is anubis the egyptian god of death?
<sean_> or is that ra
<sean_> or is it thoth
<sean_> wait, are they ALL gods of death?
<sean_> Which egyptian god isn't a god of death?
<+BytesAndCoffee> ugh
<+BytesAndCoffee> i want a pb&j but have no j
<CO2> BytesAndCoffee: may I recommend peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles sandwich
<CO2> it's my favorite
<+BytesAndCoffee> CO2: im not dutch, i don't keep a 1L container of chocolate sprinkles
<CO2> hey it's not a liter
<CO2> half a liter at most
<Bucket> nickserv is demanding.
<NickServ> You take that back.
<Bucket> bucket's phone number is 867-5309
* Xenos calls Bucket
<Bucket> How the hell did you get my number?
<BytesAndCoffee> the pronunciation of 'draught' is quite daft
<arble> *daught
<aj> Haha yeah, I had to pin the expired cert fingerprint to connect with SSL
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<aj> It's still serving a cert from 2018
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<aj> I feel like an old man clinging to a dying old vision of the Internet
<aj> Decentralized services are in terminal decline
<pikhq> <3 thunder
* IceKarma meeps
<pikhq> Laaame, the script didn't work
* IceKarma pokes pikhq
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<IceKarma> testing testing one two three...
<IceKarma> testing testing one two three...
<IceKarma> yeah =/
* Joins: password2
<pikhq> That should do it...
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<pikhq> (would appreciate test)
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<aj> ��n
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<pikhq> \o/
<pikhq> <3 thunder
* Joins: Stereo
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Stereo
<@Stereo> <3 thunder
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<pikhq> Oh, did I screw up the indent?
<@Stereo> i think the standard is ninecharacter nicks have no indent? i just threw random ones in
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<pikhq> *shrug*
<@Stereo> <3 thunder
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<pikhq> XD
<@Stereo> it's been a long time
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<@Stereo> <3 thunder
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<@Stereo> ah right, inconsistent client handling of op markers
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<@Stereo> mine does an empty space if someone's non-voh
<pikhq> <3 thunder
<pikhq> Mine does too, I just can't count
* Joins: Agafnd
<pikhq> <3 thunder
* Quits: Agafnd (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
-Global- [Network Notice] spinfire - So long, and thanks for all the fish.
* Disconnected

[ For posterity, the end of the #xkcd log on Foonetic before the network disbanded. --Ed. ]
<CO2> funny thing actually
<CO2> when I do a wrong thing in my code where it starts absolutely spamming an API by accident I call it DoS'ing
<CO2> every single time someone else describes it as "DDoS'ing" because, even though that's a way less accurate description, that's the term everyone knows
<loudaslife> CO2: maybe if you accidentally push it to production it'll be accurate
* billybo has left (I can't keep eating out this giraffe.)
<CO2> wat
* billybo has joined
* billybo has left (WeeChat 1.6)
<Agafnd> had to leave with more dignity, i see.
<multiplexd> rcombs: yeah, the british localisation would be "drinks machine" too
<multiplexd> rcombs: and calling a drinks machine a soda fountain would confuse the hell out of me
<Kizul> You kids today and your drinks machine and your videos game and your MP3s player and your...
<multiplexd> Kizul: and our walkmans!
<Kizul> multiplexd: don't talk to me about your WALKSMAN
< tonyb486> dice: is humanity's purpose to suffer?
< dice> No way.
< tonyb486> guys, dice is broken
<@Charlie> the fact it isn't as pessimistic as buddhists and epictetus are doesn't mean it's not working
<Kalium> bears still mess me up as a concept
<Kalium> we don't have bears here they seem like they're a lot scarier than lions which at least have the decency to not stand up on two legs and tower over you
<Vulpes> Kalium: how are they real
<Vulpes> oh look it's a giant dog
<Vulpes> wait why is it standing
<Vulpes> why is it 2.5m tall
<Kalium> NOT DOG
<null> vulpes
<Bucket> vulpes is drunuk
<null> yeah I think Vulpes would like that factoid
<Vulpes> hey I haven't been drunk in hm
<Vulpes> hours actually
<Vulpes> not making an excellent case for myself here
<orinthe> i just got a spam robocall that started "if you desire to grow your..."
<orinthe> and continued " broker business..."
<orinthe> i was rather disappointed
<Xenos> Take Viagra, grow your... Insurance broker business
<JoeyLemur> Impress your partner with your MASSIVE... rate discounts.
* JoeyLemur starts imagining an X-rated Progressive commercial
<Rena> "but ENTRAPMENT!!11!"
<IceKarma> Rena, What is the only thing Virginia used their sodomy laws for?
<IceKarma> Rena, oh, sorry, thought I was playing Jeopardy for a sec ;3
<Rena> no that's butt entrapment
<Hawking_is_dead> How hard is dutch?
<Lisimba> Dutch is easy, I learned it when I was just a kid.
<CO2> same
<BairotciV> I think this IRC channel is haunted
<BairotciV> by a ghost named BairotciV
<Xenos> The ghost of BairotciV is angry
<tbo> BairotciV: oh no, what do we now?
* tbo calls the Ghostbusters
* Xenos sets mode +ghostbusters
<MemoServ> The answer to "Who you gonna call?" is actually always MemoServ.
<nobody> omg this cheese is so... chewy and good
<nobody> oh this is gouda
<nobody> its... gouda
<tbo> the english word "development mule" is really boring
<Xenos> tbo: Your definition of 'word' bothers me
<eezo> Xenos: your definition of 'definition' bothers me
<tbo> this conversation bothers me
<tawny> the one big complaint I have about moana is that they bring back the classic Disney Antagonist but don't really make him have a presence throughout the film like the old antagonists did, and I think that would've made it more cohesive and make the bad guy feel better
<Peng> you mean the chicken?
<Cheez> git commit -m "Just going to put this over here with the rest of the fire"
<apo> ... I want to do that at work, but have a feeling I shouldn't
<CO2> what snack do I want?
<Velociraptors> Flesh
<eezo> how about we just, y'know, engineer people to spontaneously detonate whenever they feel like saying stupid crap ?
<Lisimba> I don't want humans to go extinct.
<IceKarma> ahahahaha
<IceKarma> Google Docs just suggested a grammar incorrection, so I used the feedback thing
<IceKarma> it said, in the bottom left corner, "Thanks for the feedback! This suggestion has been automatically ignored."
<nobody> also i love and respect you bairotciv, but i have problems spelling your name
<Stereo> it's simple, you write zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba then delete the zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedc then write i, then rot, then civ
<nobody> oh that does make sense, i can remember it that way
<Agafnd> well you can't just remotely patch a car
* BytesAndCoffee loads sheet metal into a railgun
<Salamanca> farage being a major player...the thought of it makes me want to eat my own foot
<Salamanca> and the thought of boris johnson being pm
<Salamanca> makes me want to gnaw the whole damn leg off
<Oracle989> Salamanca: Pretty sure that's how foot and mouth disease spreads
<Kizul> Agafnd: fun fact: they FINALLY corrected the spelling of "Faint Attack" to "Feint Attack" starting in Generation VI.
* Agafnd faints
* Bucket feints.
<Charlie> so i've noticed that the farther north you get in canada, the more depressing place names tend to be, both in english and inuktitut. desperation bay, place with no dawn, etc.
<Charlie> but today i think i've found the winner
<Charlie> there's a guy flying down from northern quebec to meet with me and his plane's stopping, among others, in quaqtaq
<Charlie> wikipedia explains:
<Charlie> The name Quaqtaq signifies tapeworm. According to local folklore, this name derives from a man who once came to the area to hunt beluga and found live parasites in his feces.
<Charlie> "place we found tapeworms in a whale hunter's shit, quebec"
<nodoby> huh, reminds me of how names going south to phoenix from flagstaff would get bad
<nodoby> i don't remember many, but there was bloody basin and horse thief basin
* Agafnd has joined
<Lisimba> Columb: tl;dr you can move adult trees and it's commonly done with commodity hardware.
* Agafnd mentally debates whether that's about plants or data structures, settles on plants
<Columb> Agafnd: since the "adult" specifyer, I'd think plants
<Agafnd> Columb: i mean, it could just be NSFW data structures
<Xenos> What's this button do?
* wings explodes
<wings> YOU JERK
<CO2> loudaslife: I have a usb power bank, and it has a micro-usb port that is meant to charge it, and a big-usb port that is meant to charge other stuff, and if you connect the two up, the "recharging" led turns on
<CO2> I won't try this for a longer amount of time because I think it will keep generating energy until it explodes into nuclear fusion
<loudaslife> energy companies HATE this one weird trick
<XanT> You can actually look at the energy ratings of the flats the large place with wooden floors and no double glazing is slightly more energy efficient than the smaller place with double glazing and carpets
<XanT> The former has central heating, the other electric heaters.
<benjaminikuta> Electric heat? You mean bitcoin miners?
<Lisimba> Yeah but without the bitcoins.
<Stereo> so, probably more useful to society
<Xenos> I just had a visit from a priest
<eezo> Xenos, did you order an exorcism ? :P
<Xenos> eezo: But I don't *wanna* go home!
<offbeatwitch> ... just sent a file to myself over DCC
<offbeatwitch> this feels entirely stupid
<SpaceHobo> in 1993 someone dcc sent me a file called a_quarter
<SpaceHobo> inside it said "call someone who cares"
<@CO2> multiplexd: "it works on my machine" "then we'll ship your machine!"
<@CO2> and that's how docker was born
<[R]> Nice, I was drk_nemesis back then
<[R]> Definately not a handle I'd use now
<IceKarma> [R], hey, if something has no limits, it's...?
<IceKarma> (looking for a word starting with "i")
<[R]> infinite?
<IceKarma> [R], and... if it *does* have limits, it's...?
<[R]> Windows